Craig James continues his meteoric ascent in the Pammies taking first and third place this week.  What explains this phenomenon?  Oh yea… people despise Craig James and the dumb things he says.  His lead over Pam Ward is now up to 20 points in the standings.  I actually thought about giving Craig James the points for Gus Johnson’s quote at #4 this week, but that would be in violation of Rule 18-A in the Pammy bylaws.  (Oh they exist, believe me.)  Gus makes his first appearance of the year, as do Scott Van Pelt and ABC’s #1 play by play man.  Welcome to the show, Brent!  The envelope please…

10) “I don’t wanna say that snap was way inside, but even Ryan Howard would’ve swung at it” – Gary Danielson (via AlexFromBuffalo)

9) “LSU is hammering LSU” – Scott Van Pelt (via Michael Necci)

8) “Harris, steps into it, almost incomplete.” – Mike Patrick (via SBisho12) The pass was incomplete. It was nearly intercepted.

7) “You have to read the play, then you have to play football” – Matt Millen (via crippenstation)

6) “You cant make that play in the Big Red Shootout.” – Lou Holtz (via David Reeves) commenting on OU/Texas highlights.

5) “Plenty of time and four timeouts” – Mike Patrick (via MrIronD) late in the Miami/VT game when Virginia Tech was driving for the go-ahead TD.

4) “The son of the great CRAIG JAMES from SMU with the score” – Gus Johnson (via ConnorKeisel).  There’s a hole in the world tonight…

3) “Texas is the hungrier team. they’re playing with fire in their hair.” – Craig James (via bjo109)

2) “When they are in the Wildcat, you can bet on them either running or throwing” –Brent Musburger (via jshaddo)

1) “This is why Lamar Miller averages eight and a half carries per touch.” – Craig James (via DWW_1992)

Week 5 Top 5 –

1) Craig James 58 pts

2) Pam Ward 38 pts

3) Matt Millen 33 pts

4) Gary Danielson 28 pts,

T5) Beth Mowins 13 pts, Brett Favre 13 pts

Others receiving votes – Lou Holtz 11 pts, Brent Musburger 9 pts, Artrell Hawkins 9 pts, Warrick Dunn 9 pts, Dan Hawkins 9 pts, Jenn Brown 9 pts, Mike Patrick 9 pts, Sean McDonough 8 pts, Gus Johnson 7 pts, Lee Corso 7 pts, Wendi Nix 7 pts, Steve Martin 7 pts, Tom Cole 7 pts, Jesse Palmer 6 pts, Andre Ware 5 pts, Alex Flanagan 4 pts, Mike Morgan 4 pts, Joe Tiller 3 pts, Keith Jones 3 pts, Desmond Howard 3 pts, Shaun King 3 pts, Danny Kanell 2 pts, Steve Beuerlein 2 pts, Scott Van Pelt 2 pts, Kevin Kugler 1 pt, Eric Collins 1 pt.

The Full Week 7 Announcing Schedule will be coming soon, where you can find the dates and times of games and all the announcing pairings as well.  Then, make sure you check back every Saturday for the Pam Ward Chronicles and another week of the Pammies!

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