With Pam Ward taking a bye week from her own awards (shouldn’t she have asked AA for permission first?), the door was opened for a new leader in the Pammies clubhouse.  Craig James, who’s used to winning his fair share of awards/tournaments around here, takes the lead this week.  Gary Danielson also continues his rise up the standings with a couple beauties this week.  Brett Favre jumps into the top five with his only performance of the season in what could be the best week of Pammy quotes so far this season.  There’s certainly a definitive theme of incredibly obvious, laughable statements amongst the winners this week.  The envelope please…

10) “Nice throw but it was overthrown by a foot and a half.” – Gary Danielson (via bjo109)

9) Quan Bray was wide open, which gave the perception that he was wide open.” – Steve Beuerlein (via BenBragg)

8) Paul Burmeister: “Shaun, what do you like about Kellen Moore?”
Shaun King: “He is really good.”
Thanks, Shaun. (via bjo109)

7) “USF have been lacked with a big physical runner.” – Jesse Palmer, you have been lacked with 3rd grade English. (via bjo109)

6) “The good teams are good at what they do.” – Brett Favre (via RickRoswell)

5) “Dave Wannstedt did a great job here at Pittsburgh” – Craig James (via many people).  Wanny never reached a BCS bowl and was 42-31 as a coach.

4) “To upset Wisconsin, Nebraska has to outscore them.” – Lee Corso (via sctvman)

3) “I’ll tell you… I can’t begin to tell you.” – Brett Favre (via RickRoswell) on Mississippi HS football.

2) “Could have been a completion had he caught the ball.” – Matt Millen (via kbrownatc)

1) “There is a good possibility one of these teams will suffer their first loss.” – Gary Danielson (via ATLNagel) in a game featuring unbeaten Florida vs unbeaten Alabama.

Week 5 Top 5 –

1) Craig James 40 pts

2) Pam Ward 38 pts

3) Matt Millen 29 pts

4) Gary Danielson 27 pts,

T5) Beth Mowins 13 pts, Brett Favre 13 pts

Others receiving votes – Artrell Hawkins 9 pts, Warrick Dunn 9 pts, Dan Hawkins 9 pts, Jenn Brown 9 pts, Sean McDonogh 8 pts, Lee Corso 7 pts, Wendi Nix 7 pts, Steve Martin 7 pts, Tom Cole 7 pts, Lou Holtz 6 pts, Jesse Palmer 6 pts, Andre Ware 5 pts, Alex Flanagan 4 pts, Mike Morgan 4 pts, Joe Tiller 3 pts, Keith Jones 3 pts, Desmond Howard 3 pts, Shaun King 3 pts, Danny Kanell 2 pts, Steve Beuerlein 2 pts, Kevin Kugler 1 pt, Eric Collins 1 pt.

The Full Week 6 Announcing Schedule will be coming soon, where you can find the dates and times of games and all the announcing pairings as well.  Then, make sure you check back every Saturday for the Pam Ward Chronicles and another week of the Pammies!

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