(Photo Credit: @bubbaprog… again.)

Charles Barkley is a studio analyst for the NCAA Tournament coverage on CBS and TBS tonight. There’s been multiple occasions tonight where he’s seen reaching under the desk, grabbing a drink, and sipping on the drink.

Is the drink booze? It’s pretty much impossible to tell, but with Chuck, we’re to assume it is, right? He sure sounds like he’s had a few drinks tonight.

And I’m not hating; I’m laughing. I mean, I’d be doing the same thing in his position. He’s sitting back, watching the NCAA Tournament, and having a good time. It’s not like we take most of what he says seriously anyway. He’s there for entertainment. We just want him to say something outrageous or speak the truth, both things booze will only help with.

Anyway, here’s video of Charles sipping on his drink, via @yankeemeginphl: