Evidently, Chris Berman and Huey Lewis go way back, back, back, back, back.  In fact, Berman has been invited on stage to sing with Huey Lewis And The News several times before.  So, when the band visited ESPN territory for a show at the Travelers golf tournament in Connecticut a couple weeks ago, it wasn’t a surprise that Berman would make his traditional stage cameo.  However, this appears to be the first time that there is actually video evidence of a Berman stage appearance.  There’s a longer seven minute video in case you are either a huge fan of Berman or Huey Lewis, but this shorter clip should suffice…

I’m shocked that Berman can carry a decent tune, what with his deep, rumbling, stumbling voice.  At least it’s better publicity than those other Youtube videos of his.  But hey, good for him for having a shred of musical talent.  As an added bonus while he was at the Travelers, Berman stayed far away from the broadcast booth.  

H/T The Big Lead

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