Only two weeks to go in the first ever Dickies Awards.  Can anyone catch Dick Stockton or is he destined to claim this historic prize?  There are a lot of great quotes to choose from this week.  Here are your Week 16 nominees…

1) “This Jets crowd is really in favor of the Jets today” – Tony Siragusa (via sctvman)

2) “They need a 2 point conversion” – Thom Brennaman with the Cardinals trailing by seven. (via kamuifan)

3) “On the 11th day of Christmas, Dalton throws a touchdown to Jerome Gresham.” – Shannon Sharpe (via bjo109)

4) “Shaun Sneezam with his second field goal of the day…” – Dick Stockton (via acsteelersfan)

5) “When his elbow hits, he’s down, right?” – Tony Siragusa

6) “A penalty flag is thrown. No flag is down on the field.” – Joe Buck (via bloggerjustinf)

7) “He’s very accomplished at handing it off.” – Dan Dierdorf on Matt Stafford (via dascenzo)

8) “The tie is broken!” – Ron Pitts on an Akers FG. Seattle was winning 17-16 at the time. (via SSReporters)

9) “Look at Tony Tebow right here.” – Joe Theismann (via sctvman)

10) “He got injured pulling out” – Phil Simms (via ving323)

11) “Tony Romo needs to be able to grip the ball with 5 hands” – Michael Irvin (via 4CourtJesters)

12) “C’mon eh!” – Chris Berman (via sctvman)

13) “Dan Marino was pretty good too, you know” – Jon Gruden (via tcbuono).  Thanks, John.

14) “Good start for Ponder and the Vikings offense.” – Chris Myers. The start – 2 possesions, 1 first down, 20 yards. (via ccfMRF)

15) “I can’t blame Fitzpatrick there.” – Phil Simms after Fitzy bounces one a few yards ahead of the WR (via akotok)

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