The regular season is over and before we start to talk about the latest BCS controversy, the Pammies are one system that has been proven to be working this season.  Much like LSU, Craig James is on top where he belongs but there’s still places in the Top 5 up for grabs.  Here are your Week 14 nominees…

1) “We are being booed and we arent even in the game” – Mike Patrick, maybe your being booed because Craig James is in the booth and you’re awful. (via jleimer)

2) “The whole complexity of this game could’ve been different.” – Craig James (via tomatpsu). Complexion, the word is complexion.

3) “There’s back shoulder throws, and then there’s back rear-end throws.” – Gary Danielson (via ak482)

4) “Mele Kalikimaka! That’s a bad Santa. We’ll ignore him as much as we can.” – Carter Blackburn (via DanielOrmsby)

5) “Larry Fedora better get a rain coat, because a thunderstorm is heading his way.” – Craig James There’s lightning in gatorade coolers? (via glokkenspx)

6) “3rd and long for Chase Keenum.” – Mike Patrick (via bloggerjustinf)

7) “Every time after Rosario makes a good play, they tell him to make another one.” – Charles Davis (via sctvman)

8) “Wilson…making chicken salad out of a broken play…” – Gus Johnson (via ChrisMcSharpe)

9) “The first, inaugural Big 12 Champions.” – Tim Brewster (via Aaron_Torres) at the Big Ten Championship Game. 

10) “You are the inaugural Pac 10, err, Big 10 Championship game champions!” – Kevin Frazier (via DPMilGaya).  Ohh Fox…

11) ”Game of centimeters? How about decimeters?” – Charles Davis (via FreddiePhysical).  Centimeters are actually smaller than decimeters.  This is why we need to convert to the metric system.

12) “The quarterback is a tough position.”- Gary Danielson (via sharapovasthigh)

13) “Johnson had him faked out but there was no way Southern Miss was going to be faked out” – Craig James (via bjo109)

 14) “If there’s a crack in the dam, water usually finds it.” – Gary Danielson (via ziggy78) working his voodoo magic.

15) “We’re really getting close to kickoff at the SEC championship game.” – Tim Brando It’s 2:17. Kickoff is at 4 p.m. (via NHSportsHP)

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The winners will come Wednesday morning.  The check back later this week for the full college football bowl games announcing schedule.

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