Dick Stockton has the lead in the awards that bear his name, but there’s still plenty of voting left in the 2011 Dickies.  Phil Simms turned in an absolutely epic performance in Green Bay’s blowout victory over Oakland this week, and it was tough to only limit him to four nominees.  Enjoy Phil’s pearls of wisdom and the rest of your Week 14 nominees…

1) “Mike McCarthy…I said he’s a genius. And you know why? Because he doesn’t try to be a genius.” – Phil Simms (via DevsFan30)

2) “You hate when your balls get tipped around” – Marcellus Wiley (via jbteller)

3) “This is a very important game.” – Chris Berman. He was talking about the Jaguars-Buccaneers game. (via JoshuaBatelli)

4) “Aaron Rodgers can make that ball spin so much that it almost wobbles” – Phil Simms (via yerger)

5) “Tom is pretty good at challenges. He’s lost his last six though” – Al Michaels (via ThreeRiversBlog)

6) “How about the second yard statistics from this game?” – Jim Mora showing the second quarter stats (via ShutdownLine)

7) “You know, coach Cowher he hands out compliments like manhole covers.” – Phil Simms (via kylejgood)

8) “Gimme 50 shares of Tebow” – Daryl Johnston (via BKibbs)

9) “It was a good hustle penalty there by the Raiders.” – Phil Simms (via AA)

10) “He combines the combination of speed and power.” – Brian Billick (via Chad1320)

11) “Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are the gold standard of baseball broadcasts.” – Dick Stockton (via JoshButters)  

12) “That’s a tight hole and a big man right there” – Brian Billick (via jessegennigen/prwillard2)

13) “He might go to the pro bowl before this season’s over” – Jon Gruden (via mgwPSU)

14) “Doug “Prematurely” Baldwin” – Chris Berman (via JagsFan93)

15) “These Skittles, I gotta find out what’s in these things.” – Jon Gruden (via AA)

16) “It’s amazing how you figure those yardages out so fast John…I’m really…(awkward pause) amazed.” – Dick Stockton (via abashuk)

17) “He’s a guy who would chew a guy’s leg off to win a game.” – Dan Dierdorf (via bjgunts)

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