As we march towards an SECgasm of epic proportions, the college football regular season approaches its conclusion.  Conference championships and the final regular season games are next week and the bowl season is right around the corner.  Leave us some thoughts on how you’d like to see the Pammies and AA cover the bowls and the committee (uhhh… that’s me I guess…) will take it under consideration.  Here are your Week 13 nominees…

1) “I know a lot of Aggies who are happy they aren’t blowing out (Texas).” – Craig James (via sctvman)  Even for Craig James this makes no sense.

2) “A Touchdown by a Holgerson offense is like a Kardashian with one photo” – Joe Tessitore (via jleimer)

3) “ONSIDE KICK! Well, he pooched it.” — Verne Lundquist (via tomatpsu)

4) “If you play the game of sport, whatever that sport is you’re gonna make mistakes.” – Craig James (via sctvman)

5) “Chop blocking is a staple of what Georgia Tech does.” – Mark Jones (via sctvman)

6) “Florida is in the pistol formation with QB Brantley taking the shotgun snap” – Bob Davie (via timrcook)

7) “I downloaded that ESPN app. It’s the greatest thing ever. Greatest thing in the history of mankind.” – Sean McDonough (via bloggerjustinf). Sellin’ hard for the mothership!

8) “That might’ve not even gotten a first down…oh it did, by 4 yards.” – Gary Danielson (via bj109)

9) “He’s got a little giddy up in his giddy up.” – Chris Spielman (via AA)

10) “First down Pitt by a pimple of leather!”- Joe Tessitore (via sjwest86)

11) “I think this may be on Jordan Jefferson, he pulled out.” – Gary Danielson (via AA)

12) “You see he lands on his right shoulder, and he throws with his right foot.” – Ray Bentley (via glokkenspx)

13) “His   left   foot   was   out before his other two.” – Brock Huardapparently the Oregon WR has 3 feet (via tcgb22)

14) “He took his ball off the eyes” – Chris Spielman (via clevelandfan87)

15) “If you’re going to stop a guy like Johnson you have to get some penetration” – Craig James (via Wiginator)

16) I have a feeling this could be one of those PAC 12 games” – Craig James (via notthatJimBurt).  Please, tell me more…

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The winners will come Wednesday morning.  The check back later this week for the championship weekend announcing schedule and stay tuned for the Pammies!

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