It’s a wide open race for first this week for the Pammy nomin… ahh, f*ck it.  Corso’s going to win.  Here are your Week 12 nominees anyways…

1) “When you pull out early there is embarrassment” – Danny Kanell (via steve5643)

2) “NC State Leading BOSTON COLLEGE 30-6 in the 3rd Quarter.” – Pam Ward (via sctvman) That’s all well and good, except NC State was playing Clemson.

3) “He’s hotter than July in the month of November.” – Mark Jones (via ak482)

4) “Scoreless first half in Champaign.” – Beth Mowins (via BloggerJustinF) at the end of the 1st quarter.

5) “You know where they practice that? practice.” – Rod Gilmore (via bjo109)

6) “They should take as long as this takes.” – Ed Cunningham (via Dascenzo)

7) “Giuseppi, that was play action.” – Matt Millen (via Sctvman) to Joe Tessitore.  Given Millen’s history with ethnic humor…

8) “he has thrown three picks, but no interceptions” – Pam Ward (via sctvman)

9) “The extra point good by Dustin Hopkins…” – Mark Jones (via DevsFan30) as Hopkins kicks a 26-yard field goal from the right hash to give FSU a 10-7 lead.

10) “If you seen this coming, send us a letter.” – Mike Patrick (via KSJ49) hello, 1987.

11) “Mike O’Cain decided to spit the football out to his WRs.” – Jesse Palmer (via sctvman)

12) “Mario Dovell gives a laissez-faire effort.” – Ray Bentley [video]

13) “The thought of a child not having a toy at Christmas is simply unimaginable.” – Mike Patrick (via CK29). BUT WHAT’S BRITNEY DOING THIS CHRISTMAS!!!

14) “That looked like a clean muff.” – Gus Johnson (via NCAAFB_LikeABos)

15) “Ah, f*ck it!” – Lee Corso [video]

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The winners will come Wednesday morning.  Games are taking place all through the extended Thanksgiving weekend as the regular season comes to a close so make sure you stay tuned for the Pammies!

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