Over the next couple weeks we’ll be posting several gimmicky year-end articles to look back on the year in AA.  I’m a bit of a sucker for year-end lists and retrospectives, what can I say.  To kick start our celebration of 2011 is the first ever vote for Pammy of the Year!  We’ve brought together the Pammy winners from the 14 weeks of the regular season along with a few of our favorites for you to select the Pammy quote of the year.  The rules are the same for the weekly Pammy vote, you can vote for up to five nominees and the winners will come Wednesday morning.  Here are your nominees…

1) “Smith has a team high 6 catches on the season. Or on the season or in the game because it’s the first game of season” – Pam Ward(via kevin7673)

2) “The goal of the defense is to keep the offense from scoring.” – Artrell Hawkins with brilliant analysis (via steve5643)

3) “… is from right here in Louisville” – Pam Ward (via TheBlightning) calling the CM-UK game from Lexington.

4) “Got his hands on a lot of balls and then a sack.” – Gary Danielson (via Ryan Scheb)

5) “If he wasn’t a quiet guy, he would be a vocal leader on this club” – Craig James (via dhh78) on Marcus Lattimore.

6) 2 of the last 3 Central Michigan passes have been intercepted. The last one for an interception.” – Pam Ward (via SBisho12)

7) “I caught up with Bitch… Butch Jones coming out of the half.” – Jenn Brown (VIDEO)

8) “I’ll tell you… I can’t begin to tell you.” – Brett Favre (via RickRoswell) on Mississippi HS football.

9) “There is a good possibility one of these teams will suffer their first loss.” – Gary Danielson (via ATLNagel) in a game featuring unbeaten Florida vs unbeaten Alabama.

10) “This is why Lamar Miller averages eight and a half carries per touch.” – Craig James (via DWW_1992)

11) “Six Trojans are going to come” – Craig James (via SenatorGiggity)

12A) “I’m all for it. I’m not completely against it.” – Craig James (via DWW_1992)

12B) “It’s not even close and it’s really close right now.” – Craig James (via IsaacTM)

13) “I knew right away because it felt different under there.” – Gary Danielson (via sjwest86) on accidentally lining under a guard

 14) “You come in and bite, I’m pullin’ that sucker out” – Matt Millen (via Chris Schenkel)

15) “Stick it up in there hard and with power!” – Chris Spielman (via DomoBENesis)

16) “Fans are wearing blue in honor of child support, err, child abuse” – Tom Rinaldi (via AlexFromBuffalo)

17) Boise doesn’t lose at home. You have to beat them” – Shaun King (via SoonerCharley)

18) “Ah, f*ck it!” – Lee Corso (video)

19) “I know a lot of Aggies who are happy they aren’t blowing out (Texas).” – Craig James (via sctvman)  Even for Craig James this makes no sense.

20) “The first, inaugural Big 12 Champions.” – Tim Brewster (via Aaron_Torres) at the Big Ten Championship Game.

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