With the NBA Lockout in full swing, NBA players have been showing up in all sorts of places, even sometimes, playing basketball.  Shocking, I know.  While the Goodman League and Drew League have seen their share of highlights, this video of Kevin Durant in action at famed Rucker Park in New York is by far the best basketball highlight you will see for a long while.  We pick up Durantula in the 4th Quarter of this game as he goes nuts hitting three pointer after three pointer, whipping the Rucker Park crowd into a frenzy until they finally storm the court with his 64th, 65th, and 66th point of the game.  Durant’s 66 was 8 points shy of the Rucker Park record and Crossover Chronicles has even more videos of Durant’s amazing night.

My question is this – why don’t some of the NBA players get together and put this on television during the lockout?  Surely NBA fans would watch Durant and some of the other best players on the planet play ball in Rucker Park or elsewhere.  You can even keep the court announcer (“I AM THE BEST”) and the entire playground atmosphere.  An organized tournament at Rucker Park with teams captained by Kobe, LeBron, Durant, Melo, and whoever would be an absolute ratings bonanza… and infuriate David Stern to no end.  Somebody make this happen!

[Crossover Chronicles]

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