The Lakers were already on their way out of the NBA Playoffs thanks to a shocking sweep by the Dallas Mavericks.  Dallas was already leading the clinching Game 4 by 30 points in the 4th quarter and were on their way to perhaps the most comprehensive beatdown of a defending champion in NBA Playoffs history.  Dallas eventually tied an NBA Playoffs record with 20 three pointers and scored 86 bench points.  So, Andrew Bynum took it upon himself to mark the Lakers’ disappointing and pathetic exit from the 2011 Playoffs with one of the worst cheap shots seen in recent NBA Playoffs memory with a forearm shiver into the body of JJ Barea.  There’s “playoff basketball” and then there’s being a thug and an idiot.  This falls in the latter category.  Credit ESPN’s Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown for getting this call right on…

Tirico: “That’s one of the biggest bush league things I have ever seen. That is TERRIBLE!”

Tirico (later): “That’s one of the most bush league things I’ve ever seen in a game.  That’s DISGUSTING”

Hubie: “Amen to that.  Amen to that.  And I just don’t understand why this is happening… when you say Los Angeles Lakers, you’re talking about excellence, you’re talking about titles, you’re talking about some of the greatest players ever to play, and for this game to end in this manner is a disgrace.”

Tiricio: “It’s an embarrassment to the Buss family… it’s an embarrassment to Mitch Kupchak and Phil Jackson too.”

It can’t be called better than that.  Bynum, in clear “I know what I’m doing and I don’t care” fashion removes his Lakers jersey as he walks off the court.  Disgraceful.  As if the Lakers’ effort in getting swept out of the second round wasn’t embarrassing enough, they now have these scenes to mark what may be Phil Jackson’s final game.  Way to go Andrew Bynum.  Stay Classy.

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