I think the Versus announcers have done a fairly decent job so far in the NHL Playoffs.  However, this epic geography fail by Brian Engblom does not stand out as some of the better work that Versus has done.  I mean, I guess I can understand confusing San Diego and San Jose, they do start with the same word and all.  Google Maps says they’re only 460 miles apart!  It’s not like he called them the Fresno or Chula Vista Sharks.  Maybe he was following the Padres game on his Blackberry?  Perhaps he was drinking one too many scotches in the booth?  Who knows.  I can’t kill the guy for one simple misspeak, but it is a rather humorous clip to begin your weekend, especially considering the game was being played… in San Jose…


Stay classy, San Jose.   

H/T @SportPundits 

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