Valpo Soccer Announcers Get An “A” For Awful Announcing

Awful Announcing doesn’t just troll the mainstream for examples of the funniest announcing videos. In fact, as an alum/broadcaster of D-III athletics, it’s videos like the following that warm my heart the most. If you dare, you are about to view the worst three minutes of soccer play-by-play in recorded history from this Valparaiso vs IPFW game. There’s so many gems in here that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Maybe the way too over-the-top analyst? The small child joining in on the goal call? The completely blase play-by-play man that makes Joe Buck seem like Andres Cantor? We hesitate to poke too much fun at student announcers or non-professionals, but this announcing is so awful, I wonder if these guys actually dreamed up appearing on our site. At least… that’s what I hope…

H/T Brett Myhres