Earlier today, I put together a column detailing the absurd Florio/Rodgers/Cavanaugh story and how Florio’s character assassination was uncalled for and an embarrassment to blogging & sportswriting.  I was greatly surprised to find that Florio had written a well thought out and detailed apology to Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Packers fans, and Jan Cavanaugh.  The most important aspect here is his apology to Rodgers, who he had eviscerated on the weekend.  Here’s a quote:

I apologize to Rodgers for painting him with an unjustifiably broad brush based on a very brief slice of his life.  It was wrong to jump to conclusions about whether he treats fans properly, and whether he understands the connection between the fans who support him and the money he makes.  Though some have argued that true character is revealed in those fleeting moments, the whole truth about a man falls somewhere between his best days and his worst days.  For Rodgers, there’s no reason to believe that the truth isn’t a lot closer to the best than the worst.

Bravo, Mike Florio.  Hopefully this is a lesson to him and to bloggers and sportswriters everywhere to not jump to hasty and judgmental conclusions about athletes.  Time will tell if that lesson has been learned and this kind of unnecessary attack doesn’t happen again.  It’s too easy to try to grab headlines and page views with sensational stunts and so-called journalism instead of taking the effort to search for truth and context.  I applaud Florio’s humility and being man enough to apologize after coming under heavy criticism.  I know I tore him apart earlier today, but I’m glad that he’s done the right thing here and hopefully we can all move on and focus on the football this weekend.


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