Are you fan of all access documentaries like Hard Knocks or 24/7? While HBO has been the flag bearer for this type of all-access content, Showtime is looking to get in the game with a series following the 2011 season of the reigning World Series Champions.

Recently a trailer debuted on Showtime and while the folks at Showtime haven’t put up the official trailer, peoples of the internet have.


There are still a lot of details that haven’t been finalized or announced yet, such as number of episodes, the actual debut timing, etc.  It seems unlike Hard Knocks or 24/7, Showtime will make these determinations based on how compelling the footage is as well as how nationally relevant the Giants are. 

If the preview on April 13th pulls good ratings and the Giants find themselves as front page news early and often, I’d imagine you’ll see “The Franchise” earlier in the summer and with additional episodes. If interest is lackluster and the Giants get off to a slow start, it’s possible we’ll see the scope of the project reduced. Either way if you’re a baseball fan, Giant’s fan, or find Brian Wilson to be the second coming of Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn, this should be a fairly interesting program and an excuse to subscribe to Showtime/call your cable provider and threaten to leave so they give it to you for free.

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