At Least One Random Guy Is Excited For Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is strug-g-ling at the PGA Championship.  After starting the tournament near the top of the leaderboard at (-3) through his first few holes, Woods plummeted to his worst first round score ever at (+7).  Currently, Steve Stricker is tied for the lead with Stevie Williams Adam Scott and Scott Verplank at (-5).  But even though Tiger Woods is still (+7) and three shots off the cut, you can bet we’ll see every shot of his round as TNT tries to desperately sell us on the “drama” of Tiger’s chase to make the cut.  While that may not sound like exciting, compelling television, don’t tell that to THIS GUY…

As Tiger was hitting yet another shot from the woods, our blue shirted, husky, collar poppin’ friend decided that it was the perfect time to videobomb the PGA Championship.  Phenomenal.  I think I’m going to have nightmares.  The double-thumbed, “this guy” point at himself is just the icing on the cake.  Here’s the video…

At least that guy made the most of his two seconds of national television time.  Speaking of Tiger and televised golf, it’s time for the TV networks to have a reality check and prepare for the post-Tiger era of golf coverage.  The networks and the game of golf aren’t going to be able to build up new stars and help fans become interested in non-Tiger related stories if all of the attention and coverage is still focused on New Tiger.  (By the way, he just hit a greenside bunker shot into the water).  There’s only so many times we’re going to want to see a guy duff his way around the golf course and shoot in the high 70s. I can go out to the links and do that myself if I was really interested.  I’m not foolish enough to declare the Tiger Woods era finished for good, and any eventual comeback would be an obviously huge story… but let’s at least give some levity to the old school all-Tiger-all-the-time way of doing things.


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