The snafus are back this week and unfortunately, Matt Hasselbeck is undergoing something of an identity crisis.  He thinks he’s Trent Dilfer.  He wakes up in the morning and talks loudly in the mirror. He also holds a strange vendetta against game-managing quarterbacks.  It isn’t all bad though, at least he doesn’t have to stand in his brother’s shadow like Tim Hasselbeck does.

Secondly, the NFL’s website isn’t the only one screwing things up for the league recently.  They must not have the harderst working spellchecker for the rundown.  Thanks to CaptTouchback for the screengrab…

The king of internet video and graphics, bubbaprog, picked up this awesome snafu from Fox in promoting their Sunday NFL coverage.  I’m not sure what a “Seakawk” is, but I pray to God it’s an endangered species on the edge of extinction…

And finally, it’s been a rough year for the Florida Marlins.  Nobody shows up to their games, their new logo is hideously ugly, their manager makes Joe Paterno look like a young whippersnapper, and they’ve been criticized for temporarily sending down frequent tweeter, Logan Morrison.  It looks like the Marlins still don’t think too much of LoMo, as they don’t even bother to spell his name right on the video board…

That was your week in snafus, next time be careful out there!

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