Some of ESPN’s finest minds have come together to try to solve the mystery of this week’s Screengrab Snafus.  Believe it or not, this was the intellectual high point of First Take this week.  Ok, maybe it isn’t that hard to believe after all.  Somewhere Dana Jacobsen is throwing a bottle of vodka at her computer screen…

Speaking of the leader, let’s take a look at the lighter side of their craptastic PR week. had some trouble with the waiver-wire drama associated with Padres closer Heath Bell.  Was someone’s autocorrect spellchecker not turned off for this headline, or is there something we don’t know about the reliever…

Two NFL teams ply their trade in New York, New York.  NFL Network was focusing on Jets/Giants when they wanted to show us a fancy graphic reminding us of the city’s location.  According to my research, New York, New York apparently has the largest population in the United States.  Who knew.  How they got all those people to relocate to Boston is quite the accomplishment.  Now that New York resides in the state of Massachusetts, my God, what would that do to YANKS/SAWX!!!

Kevin7673 sent us this screengrab from last night’s Murray State-Louisville game along with this note – “Bruce Feldman says there is no integrity to ESPN’s graphics.”  Either the following graphic is another small element of a vast Bristol conspiracy, or the scoreboard was as functional as Danny Kanell’s play cock.

And finally, let’s check in with Mt. Rushmore resident Craig James to see how he’s handling the pipebombs that Bruce Feldman is continuing to drop on his employer.  James’ seat must be getting fairly warm with criticsm from the media and blogs now reaching a fever pitch.  He seems to be handling the heat well…

That was your week in Screengrab Snafus.  Next time, be careful out there!

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