Time for another great installment of Screengrab Snafus… and there is plenty of pic-fail goodness to choose from this week.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Yesterday we chronicled John Clayton’s moment of zen.  Clayton is a great follow on Twitter even though he’s rather new to the social media scene. In the rush to get news out, it’s understandable that a veteran reporter may slip back a couple decades.  1993 called and it wants its Tweet back, John.  Zzzzzing!

From NBC4’s Matt Barnes in Columbus comes this snafu from last night’s Panthers/Bengals preseason game in Cincinnati.  I can’t blame the guys in the truck though, who is honestly paying attention to a Panthers/Bengals preseason game?!?!  I would say that Ron Rivera and Marvin Lewis trading places would be an interesting subplot to the season, but both these teams are winning like 3 games anyways.

According to the Detroit News, Calvin Johnson has aged quite a bit, shrunk, and evidently needs to get tickets to Lions games from the Detroit Lions ticket office.  I can’t believe Johnson’s shocking transformation isn’t a bigger story nationwide…

The “Fox Box” changed sports on television for the better as we see time, score, and team information about the game we’re watching.  99.9% of the time, this isn’t cause for one of the funniest pics you’ll see in sports.  However, I was floored when I saw what happened when Viktoria Plzen met FC Kobenhaven in the UEFA Champions League qualifying round.  From the brilliant Tim Burke comes the most hilarious combination of abbreviated names I’ve ever seen on a sports telecast…

And finally, we cross into the world of real news where the uprising in Libya is one of the biggest stories of the year around the world.  With such a fragile situation on the ground, on-site reporting is obviously a big deal for the news networks.  That’s why it was so surprising to see a CNN reporter in Tripoli… Lebanon.

That was your week in Screengrab Snafus, next time, wherever you are around the world, be careful out there!

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