Time for This Week In Screengrab Snafus.  Yesterday was one of the craziest days in sports I can remember with the Chris Paul drama in New Orleans and the Albert Pujoles deal with the Angels.  Wait, who?  I love it when news channels try to talk sports.  Just this morning GMA evidently referred to Kris Humphries as an NBA “superstar.” (snafu via SportsGrid)

Elsewhere on the Hot Stove, the Miami Marlins signed a big name free agent pitcher.  I don’t know what’s uglier, the leader trying to spell Mark Buehrle, or the new Marlins logo.  (H/T Metstradamus)


TroughDrinker sent us this screengrab of the leader attempting to get us hyped for the BCS National Championship Game rematch.  If Alabama actually wins the second game 9-6, then what do we do?  Do we just award the crystal ball to the SEC as a whole?


Fox is back in the college football game, but via cjzero comes this screengrab of Russell Wilson’s statline against Michigan State in the Big Ten title game.  It was impressive… good luck trying to read it though…

And finally, from last night’s prestigious college football awards show on ESPN, well, you can just see for yourself (h/t bubbaprog)…


That was your week in Screengrab Snafus, next time be careful out there!

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