Welcome to this week’s edition of Screengrab Snafus!  Some players age and go with different looks as they move into post-retirement media careers.  I have to say, Antonio Pierce looks a lot different than he did in his playing days.  I kinda like the new look though.  (H/T Carl Chenier)

Elsewhere, it’s a wonder Georgia Tech lost in their rivarly game with Georgia last Saturday, what with their 190 First Downs in the first half.  They didn’t even post those kind of stats against Cumberland College! (via  and bonus points if you get that reference!)


 tweeted us this screengrab from college hoops.  Thank goodness the leader didn’t try to spell Billikens…


Then again, maybe that person was at the keyboard in taking a look at ESPN.com’s college basketball contributors.  Who’s controlling ESPN’s academic standards, John Calipari?  At least this guy could spell college!  (H/T Nathan Kotisso)


From Paul Braverman comes this screengrab of ESPN’s listing of the highest winning percentages amongst current FBS coaches.  I tell ya, that Greg Patterson gets no respect for what he’s done to build the TCU program…


And finally, from reader Greg Franklin comes this WaPo headline about the tumultuous week in Jacksonville.  It’s a wonder the Jags fired coach Jack Del Rio with such a great record…


That was your week in Screengrab Snafus, next time be careful out there!

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