With all the football on Black Friday, Screengrab Snafus move temporarily to Saturday this week. And yes, Skip Bayless and First Take’s obsession with Tim Tebow is just as creepy on the weekends too.  Let us never speak of #WhenSkipMeetsTebow again.  *shudders*

In case you didn’t know, the Harbaughs coached against each other on Thanksgiving night.  With it being the most hyped coaching matchup in NFL history (OMG!  THEY’RE BROTHERS!!!  AND THEY’RE COACHING AGAINST EACH OTHER!!), you’d think ESPN could at least tell Jim and John apart


Reader Will Law sends this snafu and note via e-mail (cheap plug: you can send us tips through the e-mail links in the left sidebar!)…

“After Ed Reed intercepted Andy Dalton at the end of the first half for a TOUCHBACK, CBS ran a box at the bottom of the screen noting that it was Reed’s fourth career TOUCHDOWN against Cincy.  It would have been his fourth, had he taken it the 100+ yards. But instead we had a funny error on the screen.  Keep up the good work.”


And now for this week’s section devoted to mistaken identities, the man below is not Christian Ponder.  Instead it’s Kyle Boller.  Ironically, this isn’t the first time Boller has been accused of impersonating an NFL quarterback.  Boom, roasted…


Secondly, I don’t know who this is, all I know is that it isn’t Connor Barth


Connor Barth…


Not Connor Barth…


The facial hair is just all wrong.

And finally, ESPN shows us why they’re the worldwide leader in sports, and not geography… unless Wisconsin has annexed Minnesota and I missed it somehow…

That was your Thanksgiving week in Screengrab Snafus, next time be careful out there!

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