This Week In Screengrab Snafus – 10/21

Screengrab snafus have become so popular, fans are trying to get in on the action!  This guy was way off trying to spell T Plush though…

First on the snafu slate, Drunken Midgets e-mailed these screengrabs from Sunday’s NFL on Fox broadcast of Panthers/Falcons.  A pretty major math fail if I do say so myself.  I took a couple minutes to try to add up these numbers and see the exact breakdown, but carrying over and adding times is a lot of work… now I know what Tim McCarver feels like…


Good friend, fellow OWU alum, and lead editor of The Nats Blog, Will Yoder (no relation, believe it or not) sent in this screengrab from his Yahoo Sports homepage.  Yahoo informed Will that one of his teams was in action – “Your Wizards are playing today.”  If only this was 2016 and the lockout was close to ending…


That must have been a tough loss for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2009 ALDS.  Somewhere Jayson Stark is formulating the most obscure trivia question in the history of mankind about National League teams losing in the American League playoffs.  That ought to keep him busy for a while… (h/t Brian Harter)


And finally, folks complain that ESPN doesn’t pay attention to MLB and the World Series like they should because of their NFL obsession.  Darren Rovell tweeted this picture that may give those people some more ammunition for their conspiracy.  At least ESPN didn’t put a New York Rangers logo in there as well.  Although, I suppose that shows where the NHL ranks on the totem pole…


That was your week in Screengrab Snafus, next time be careful out there!

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