This Week In Screengrab Snafus – 10/14


The above pic from last week’s Steelers/Titans game via Guyism may be my favorite screengrab of all-time.  Somehow I had the game on when this play happened.  After this pic, the referees then turned around and pointed the opposite way like it was some sort of rehearsed Three Stooges scene.  Welcome to Roger Goodell’s NFL.

Reader nyybrandonc sent in the following pic from  Seems the leader is a bit confused as to which team Ryan Raburn plays for.  Who can blame them though, when was the last time ESPN actually cared about baseball?

I had to go back and check the boxcore, but I believe these stats from Oklahoma’s win over Texas in the “Big Red Shootout” are actually correct.  According to the Longhorn Network, the game was an exhibition designed to make Oklahomans feel better about themselves.  At least ESPN bothered to spell Oklahoma right this week… (via ktquick)


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Jason Ross tweeted in this snafu from the ALCS where someone in the Fox control room may have been falling asleeeeeeeeeeeep at the keyboard.  Probably from listening to Joe Buck sleepwalk his way through a broadcast wishing he were anywhere else in the world other than a baseball game…


Can you spot the snafu here from the Red Zone Channel during last Sunday’s NFL action?  Look closely… (h/t TlkSuperstation via @richiewhitt)


From springrubber, “Apparently the Rangers played an ALDS Game 5 without anyone knowing…”


And finally, NOTSCWill tweeted us this pic from last night’s ESPN broadcast depicting a Heisman race where the percent of total votes equal 167%.  Yes, a network worth billions and billions of dollars cannot properly calculate percent.  And we thought QBR was the only jacked up statistic from the leader!


That was your week in Screengrab Snafus, next time be careful out there!

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