This Week In Comical Graphics Screw Ups – 8/5

Last weekend we had quite a bit of fun going through some of the funny gaffes of the previous week that may have shown up online or on the telly.  We’re talking humorous misspellings, epic fails, or the math skills of Colin Cowherd.  This week we have an even better collection of Comical Graphics Screw Ups.  

First on the docket is one that comes from Joe Lucia, Managing Editor of Bloguin’s The Outside Corner and Chop ‘N Change, and all around swell guy.  The Braves made perhaps the best trade of the deadline in acquiring Astros CF Michael Bourn for a few pieces from the scrap pile.  According to the following headline though, they also acquired a CIA agent in search of his own identity…

Paul Menard won Sunday’s Brickyard 400, but a little love needs to be given to the pit crew of Clint Bowyer.  Gaining 8 positions on a 255 tire change has to be the greatest pit stop of all-time, right?  It may even be the greatest car related feat, like, ever…


Someone needs to work with ESPN on their spelling.  As bubbaprog observed in this picture from Mocksession, you would think the same network that broadcasts the National Spelling Bee would know how to spell the word elligible, I mean eligibul… maybe it isn’t that easy…

And finally from ESPNU and Mocksession, a Maryland running back decided to photobomb this South Florida preview…


That was your week in comical graphics screw ups, next time be careful out there!

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