Yesterday, our long national nightmare ended… no, Skip Bayless and Rob Parker weren’t shipped to ESPN UK to argue about cricket, the NFL Lockout is over!  The lockout was getting scary close to affecting the NFL regular season, but the only lost game was the Hall of Fame Game in Canton (spare a thought for those fine folks).  We also have the excitement and unpredictability of the months long offsesason boiled down to a speedy trip through the buffet line for Rex Ryan.  The networks themselves are of course rejoicing as well.  NBC has a short and sweet ad looking forward to the Saints/Packers Thursday night opener (Who Dat!).  ESPN took the route of hiring the evolution of dance fella to take on some of the more famous TD dances of all-time in the video below.  It immediately drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from the league office…

Seriously though, I’m thankful the NFL will be playing football this Fall.  In fact, I even made a list of 17 things (for 17 weeks) that would normally be annoying during the NFL season that will actually be music to my ears…

1) Fake laughter on NFL studio shows
2) Chris Berman’s nicknames
3) Frank Caliendo
4) Stuart Scott, Matt Millen, and Steve Young on Monday nights
5) “This guy”
6) Anything Shannon Sharpe says
7) Dick Stockton forgetting which game he’s announcing
8) The Galloping Gobbler
9) Joe Buck trying to be funny
10) Thom Brennaman’s monotone voice
11) Commercials during replay challenges
12) The media treating Rex Ryan’s predictions as news
13) Colin Cowherd’s irrational love for Mark Sanchez
14) Did I mention Frank Caliendo?
15) “Hello, friends”
16) Trent Dilfer raising his voice when he wants to sound smarter
17) Brett Favre rumors

On second thought, those will all still be annoying as hell, but I can’t imagine my life as a sports fan without them.  By the way, did you hear Favre’s going to Philly…


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