So the MoneyBall trailer has been released featuring Brad Pitt as Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane.  Apparently the full story of Beane’s time in charge of the Athletics won’t be told until Hollywood is allowed its take.  The entire MoneyBall era (which has still brought ZERO championships by the way to Oakland while other smaller market teams have found similar if not greater success) seems like more myth than reality at this point.  The sabermetric debate seems so tired in 2011 with the only interested parties being the most hardcore of stat geeks and the most stubborn of traditionalist dinasours (see Joe Morgan). Will the release of Moneyball: The Movie only stir the debate again?  Hopefully not.

Here’s also hoping Hollywood doesn’t take too much of a dramatic license by giving the A’s some sort of dramatic World Series victory in Game 7 with an infield single by Eric Chavez.  Unfortunately, the trailer looks headed for an overly dramatic resolution.  The movie already looks like it wants to combine the comedy of Major League, the underdog story of Hoosiers, and the genius of A Beautiful Mind.  Having lived through the real thing, forgive me if I’m not reserving my seat at the local cinema.  For a true understanding of how Billy Beane has truly influenced the way teams are built in today’s MLB, stick to the outstanding book by Michael Lewis.  For an overdone drama presenting Beane as baseball’s revolutionary, witty, handsome, and courageous messiah, by all means check out the movie later this year. 

By the way, Billy Beane’s Oakland A’s currently sit in last place in the AL West 10 games below .500.