The fun of the 2011 NCAA Tournament tips off tonight in a matter of minutes on truTV. Too put it mildly, we so excited for the greatest sporting event of the year to begin. As you frantically search your television for the channel number of truTV, I’ve got a website that will ruin any hopes you had of being productive until Thursday, the NCAA Vault.

The NCAA Vault is an NCAA basketball fans dream. Simply put, almost every important somewhat recent NCAA Tournament game is there, in its entirety, with no commercial breaks and full announcers. For instance, my team has 24 full games in the archives that load instantly in decent enough quality.

There’s even handy shortcuts for the greatest dunks, buzzer-beaters and plays in the tournament’s history. If you are a Gus fan, all of his classics are in there as well. Here’s a guide of some of his most memorable calls. Enjoy the tournament everyone!