The 2011 Pam Ward Chronicles Week 7


With Craig James and Mike Patrick getting a week off today, I tried to do a little extra research on Twitter and go beyond the Pammies submissions to make sure we found all the awful Craig James quotes from Thursday night.  Somehow, I wasn’t disappointed, as there were some “exspecially” good ones out there in the Twitterverse.  You can check the full Pammy standings and the Week 7 announcing sked below.  Gameday is in Eugene for Oregon/ASU later tonight, but there are some other interesting games throughout the day.  Leave us the most flabbergasting quotes in the comments below or by tweeting us.  And, don’t forget the first ever week of the soon to be named NFL Pammies start tomorrow, so come back on Sunday for even more fun!


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Week 7 Announcing Schedule

Week 6 winners and updated standings

“Georgia will run the dickens out of the ball against Vanderbilt.” – Randy Cross (via sctvman)

“A 39 yard touchdown collection” - Wendi Nix (via Michael Necci)

“Andrew Luck is so good he bores you with completions.” - Jesse Palmer (via rob_laser)

“Well-dressed Joe Tessitore eats well, is a legend.” – Jesse Palmer (via BenBeach) is just killing it tonight.

“He was frustrated by the bigness.” – Craig James (via sctvman)

“The defense needs to step up, EXSPECIALLY the secondary.” – Craig James (via Mikrino)

“The I-Form is a traditional running formation.” – Craig James (via TheBullGator)

“Six Trojans are going to come” - Craig James (via SenatorGiggity)

“when that USC band started to play, what was the first thing we thought? Trojans.” – Craig James (via jasondschwartz)

“He’s a guy … that can make a play … after the first play is called” – Rod Gilmore (via CSalner)

“It’s as if the Heisman trophy just started this year and Joe (Tessitore) is getting me excited.” – Craig James (via ClemsonPM)

“I think he did a one handed job right there.” - Rod Gilmore (via jamiedupler)

“Arizona State can attack horizontically.” – Desmond Howard (via bjo109)

“Arizona won’t be outscored in this one” – Lee Corso (via bjo109) when talking about ASU/ORE.

“That was a man drive” – Dave Neal (via bmaze)

“Looks short from our very accurate yellow line” – Dave Pasch (via AlexFromBuffalo) after Michigan picks up a first down.

“You want him in comfortable down and position where he doen’t feel the pressure.” – Andre Ware (via sctvman)

“Speak of the witch.” – Urban Meyer (via allsnark) who won’t say “devil”

“When Cousins is hot, he’s the best passer in the game.” – Dave Pasch (via bjo109).  Kirk Cousins?  Really?  Really?

‘They’re going to say touchback.’ – Dave Pasch (via AlexFromBuffalo) as the punt is spotted at the 5 YL.

“In hoops that would be an And-1.” – Tom Hart (via BloggerJustinF) on a deep catch with a pass interference penalty.

“he’s a dirty player. i’m not saying he’s a dirty player but he’s on his way to being a dirty player.” – Chris Spielman (via bjo109)

“Well pass, well catch, well six.” – Chris Spielman (via AA)

“Usually you don’t have to pull it that late!” – Urban Meyer (via CSalner)

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