There’s a new leader at the top of the Pammies standings for the first time this season.  Your friend and mine Craig James has replaced Pam Ward at the top of the standings with Gary Danielson and Matt Millen close behind.  A lot of great games all throughout the day starts with the Red River Rivalry and ends with Ohio State/Nebraska on ABC.  Oh, wait, that Ohio State game is going to be terrible… and Millen’s announcing?  God, it’s going to be a long night in Columbus.  Leave us with all the best and most awful quotes you hear throughout this football Saturday and we’ll put it to a vote on Monday.

Week 6 Announcing Schedule

Week 5 winners and updated standings

“If Oregon wants to win, they can’t take advantage of mistakes.” – Craig James (via bjo109)

“Since transferring from Buffalo, Maynard plays in much louder stadiums.” – Jesse Palmer (via bjo109) Ya think? 

“Friday nights have a tradition: there’s always a one point last second drive.” – Jesse Palmer (via bjo109) loves those one point drives.


“Texas is the hungrier team. they’re playing with fire in their hair.” – Craig James (via bjo109)

“Boise State putting up half a hundo…” – Joe Tessitore (via sctvman)

“Tyrann Mathieu has made more big plays than Tyler Perry” – Desmond Howard (via sctvman)

“Texas Tech is one of only two undefeated top 25 teams not in the top 25.” – Lee Corso (via sctvman)

“Unless you know somethin’, don’t say nothin'” – Lee Corso (via sctvman)

“A 100 yard touchdown for Fozzy Whittaker. All the barbecue you want young man!” – Brent Musburger (via ConnorKeisel)

“The Hokies had their pants pulled down last week by Clemson.” – Chris Fowler (via sctvman)

“He’s a good complement to the backs they’ve got back in the backfield.” – Kirk Herbstreit (via CitizenMurphy)

“Let’s be honest, this is an ugly game. For Louisville ugly is good. Its the best chance they have to win” – Bob Davie (via CaptTouchback)

“They decided to take a shot at the endzone…” – Danny Kanell (via michaelterry) on 4th & Goal

“You want to avoid negative plays on first down.” – Mike Belotti (via CaptTouchback)

“You and I can participate in that (going to the local pub) tonight in a promo for games tonight.” – Brent Musburger (via jleimer)

“Right behind the shoulder pad, no, helmet of the receiver.” – Andre Ware (via sctvman)

“Maryland QB CJ Brown has a QB rating of negative 20.6. Is that even possible?” – Danny Kanell (via CaptTouchback)

“That was a grown-man run right there.” – Andre Ware (via sctvman)

“You Know I’m a smoke man” – Brent Musburger (via jleimer) obivously referring to him betting sports.

“1st down and 10!” – Eric Collins (via JVAPxP) after Indiana recovers a fumble on the Illinois 3.

“Oklahoma is in the Texas side of the football field.” – Kirk Herbstreit (via JimWilliamsOnTheAir) before Oklahoma’s 1st & 10 from their own 20 late in the first half.

“What QB are you going to feed the lions to in this league?” – Matt Stinchcomb (via sctvman)

Beth Mowins: “Yowtch”
Mike Bellotti: “run the ball to run out the clock.”
Thinking their mics were off (via sctvman)

“You can watch Texas practice live on Tuesday & Wednesday, on the Longhorn Network.” – Kirk Herbstreit (via SEC_wrld)

“Harris, steps into it, almost incomplete.” – Mike Patrick (via SBisho12) The pass was incomplete. It was nearly intercepted.

“Air Force had a stealth bomber flyover the stadium, but nobody saw it. That’s not a joke” – Don Criqui (via patrickm_mc)

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