Steve Young Is Not A Member Of The Rick Reilly Fan Club

Let’s face it, when you look at the NFL post game show and see Stu Scott, Steve Young, Trent Dilfer, and Rick Reilly you should right away not expect the most in depth coverage. Even the announcers should know the level of expectations just by looking to the left and the right.

But because Steve Young has a little extra pep in his step these days and likes to ruffle Reilly’s feathers, he decided to pick on Reilly in the classic tone of “I’m better than you because I actually played the game.”

Rick Reilly starts off with a rant on the Pats and how they aren’t worried enough when he makes a couple terrible jokes that translate to crickets and/or forceable, awkward laughs by his co-anchors.

Steve Young apparently didn’t like the Pats/Chiefs game being compared to “beating a Prius off the line” and “beating a blind man in a coloring contest” because he jumps in while Reilly is still talking with the tone of “let Daddy take it from here.”  He then proceeds to tell us how the Patriots are just at the start of their eventual Super Bowl run because they’ve made some sacks in the past two games.  Ok…

While the Reilly jokes (?) and analysis wasn’t slap your knee type of comedy, he is a writer and the jokes sometimes don’t translate as well in person as they do on paper.

Could the Pats be on their way to a Superbowl? Who the hell knows, but Steve Young is no genius in this media game and should have a bit more respect for someone that, while goofy at times, is still a successful sports writer.  Where’s the guy with the oxygen tank when you need him…