CBS Sports’ twitter recently twatted that they were adding Stevesy Kerr to the Final Four Broadcasting team. Apparently, whoever runs that account had too much Four Loko that morning and goofed by letting the news out early and that tweet has since been deleted. Unfortunately for CBS, some of their 15,000+ followers retweeted this message thus allowing the news to spread (by the way, we agree with Mandel’s comment 200% here at Awful Announcing). Adding Kerr to the booth makes the Final Four announcing team a trio along with Nantz and Kellogg.

Kerr currently provides color commentary for the NBA on TNT thus making the NCAA tournament most likely his debut for calling the college game. Awful Announcing wonders if this is really the best idea having Kerr’s introduction to announcing NCAA basketball come on the biggest stage. Still, as long as CBS’ announcement about the Final Four broadcasting team changing doesn’t involve them bringing back Billy Packer, I think we will be all right.

UPDATE: One of our readers, Jim, tipped us that Steve has moonlighted in the Pac-10 this season and has called three games. So, the NCAA tournament will not be the first college games that he will have called this season.