ESPN just debuted their flashy, new, expensive Baseball Tonight set this week.  It’s certainly impressive, but it looks like some of the studio personalities are strug-g-ling with their new toys.  Host Steve Berthiaume attempted to take viewers through some lineup changes the Twins were being forced to make on one of ESPN’s touchscreen monitors (which are fullproof as we’ve seen in the past).  Amazingly, the touchscreen didn’t work as orginially planned!  Stunning!  What ensued was Berthiaume and analysts Curt Schilling and Jamie Moyer suffering a traveshamockery of the highest order.  Thank goodness the world doesn’t run on these reliable instruments of technology…

Surely, the ESPN guys went through that segment beforehand and tested it out (I hope) and the screen faltered during the live show.  Which begs the question, are all the touchscreens really that necessary?  What do they really add except for being an insanely expensive, sometimes working television monitor?  Can’t ESPN just do these segments on a giant chalkboard.  There may be some available

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