Shortly after Razzie Award nominee Shaquille O’Neal joined Turner, reports began to surface that a pending 2008 robbery and kidnapping case involving seven Crips very well could’ve also involved the new Turner analyst. The obvious speculation taken from the reports was that Shaq may have called in a favor to the Crips to retrieve a sex tape from a man who was allegedly trying to use it to extort The Big Aristotle. The man was a spurned business partner of Shaq’s, who also supposely had a fling with Shaq’s ex-wife around the time they got divorced.

But that’s just baseless speculation and an LA judge decided to dismiss the case altogether today [via the LA Times]:

[The] prosecutor conceded that the alleged victim and star witness had credibility problems.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge M.L. Villar de Longoria ordered the case against seven Main Street Crip members dismissed after the prosecutor announced that his office would not proceed with the case.

In some respects, it’s too bad because this would’ve been such a compelling case. It’s obviously great news, though, for those who love Shaq as an entertainer; its dismissal means we can just worry about Shaq inevitably competing with Sir Chuck for fan favoritism as a Turner TV analyst instead of his alleged role in a criminal case involving one of the most violent street gangs in the U.S.

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