Yesterday, a squirrel wreaked havoc in the Padres bullpen yesterday.  San Diego bullpen catcher Justin Hatcher finally caught the ferocious little devil and in spite of a bite that broke the skin, released the creature into the evergreen trees at Denver’s Coors Field.  Seems like a pretty innocent story, right?  Kinda cute like that turtle diving into the lake at TPC yesterday (that’s two animal stories in a row for us by the way).  Well, unfortunately that little squirrel will now live forever in infamy thanks to SportsCenter’s Sage Steele.  Check out this video from our friends at SportsGrid

“It bit him and wouldn’t let go… the squirrel was hanging from his thumb, eventually he got a towel, jerked him off there, and then… ya know… rabies…”

At least Hatcher was considerate enough to use a towel.  You’d hate to go back to catching in the bullpen with that mess not cleaned up.  I think I knew what Sage meant… Hatcher wanted to jerk the squirrel off of his hand with a towel… I think… however, I’m much more content with the way she told the story.  I could go on with this, but it’s a Sunday.  I’ll just stop there and leave the nut jokes to our diligent readers…

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