I’m going to try to stay positive with this next clip.  I can imagine it being very difiicult to be a sports anchor.  There’s all sorts of obligations and pressure associated with being on television and probably a million things happening during a telecast.  Having a little experience with this kind of thing, I also know it’s very easy to get tongue tied or make a Freudian slip during a telecast.  (I once referred to a defensive tackle as “Taylor Swift” instead of “Taylor Smith,” d’oh!)  

So, I can’t be too hard on Cindy Brunson for the following clip.  Besides, I used all of my sexual innuendo jokes for the month on this post.  The SportsCenter anchor had one of those hilarious moments when her brain and mouth weren’t on the same page when she recapped Caroline Wozniacki’s win in New Haven this weekend.  Wozniacki has been in the news for forming sports’ newest power couple with golf’s rising star, Rory McIlroy.  (We just need a terrible and forced one word nickname for them now – “WozMac?”  “RoWo?”  “Macnack?”)  As the highlight ends, I think Cindy is trying to say Rory is “digging it” while watching in the stands.  What actually came out was something entirely different.  It’s here I would insert more crude humor, but it’s a Sunday after all.


A huge H/T to Jeff Lowe for sending us the clip.


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