Reggie Miller To Run The Pacers? Yes, Please


It’s possible, when/if basketball ever returns, we may never have to hear TNT analyst Reggie Miller talk over a game again. The word is, according to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, that Larry Bird is working his final season with the Pacers and sees Miller as his replacement:

Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon has heeded Larry Bird’s private and public proclamations that Bird is working his final year as the team’s president, that his staying through the lockout had been a favor to his boss. As Simon investigates possible succession plans, there’s one candidate emerging over everyone else: Pacers legend Reggie Miller.


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Simon has been canvassing people he respects – including his longtime former general manager Donnie Walsh – for opinions about how they believe Miller would do with the transition from television to management. Several people with longstanding ties to Miller and the Pacers are pushing Miller to pursue the job, and as one tells Yahoo! Sports: “He’s going to look hard at this, if it’s presented in the right way.”

He certainly can’t do worse.

Now, Woj mentions that Miller may be reluctant to leave his stable gig at TNT and risk his image as a Pacer great to take a job that will undoubtedly have him scrutinized by the fans in a whole new way. Fair point, but I’d say he’s already doing that as a truly awful analyst. It’s not that he doesn’t know basketball – OBVIOUSLY he knows basketball – it’s just that he doesn’t present it in a way that’s at all enjoyable or easy on the ears. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he sounds like the babbling love child of Bill Cosby.

Do us a favor, Reggie; take the job, no matter how it is presented to you.