In last night’s Holiday Bowl, Texas defeated Cal 21-10 in a game that lacked any sort of real excitement whatsoever.  That’s what the Holiday Bowl and all these other hideously boring early bowls get for not inviting a MAC team.  The highlight of the night may have actually come from the booth though, and I’m not just talking about Craig James’ absence alongside Rece Davis and Jesse Palmer.  No, I’m talking about Davis’ call of a Cody Johnson 4 yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter for the Longhorns.  

As Johnson runs up the middle for the score, Davis boldly proclaims the Cal defense is getting “a face full of Johnson.”  That’s… errr… umm… an interesting choice of words to say the least.

There are so many directions to go here, and unfortunately, it seems the telecast went on through its trance as if nothing had happened.  Rece is a smart guy, so he had to know what he was saying.  Next time, perhaps he can add on some more descriptives to really drive the message home.  Talking about “good penetration” would be fitting.  “Exploding all over the defense” might work too.  Anything with “banging” or “squirting” or “holes” is sure to draw even more juvenile giggles from around the country (I plead guilty as well).  Nevertheless, it’s good to see ESPN announcers get more creative in this arena instead of something more blunt and straightforward

(h/t radiofreeblake)

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