Wednesday night will always be known as Jimmer Fredette’s national coming out party. In all, he had 43 points, made five 3-pointers and went 10 for 11 from the line in a 71-58 upset win over San Diego State. The Cougars victory knocked the Aztecs from the ranks of the unbeaten, and sent Provo into a catatonic, Mardi Gras-style frenzy. Rumor is, a few fans even stayed up after midnight.

Still, the night didn’t belong to Fredette alone, as CBS College Sports analyst Steve Lappas stole our hearts- and injured our ear drums- with his loud, abrasive and- to be quite honest- obnoxious style of announcing. At times he sounded more like a guy trying to order a sandwich at a loud deli, than an announcer at a basketball game.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought that, as droves of people took to Twitter to air their grievances with Lappas.

Here are some real-time Tweets that were published during Wednesday night’s BYU-San Diego State game:

@bflo360: If Steve Lappas never analyzed a college basketball game ever again I would be happy

@KSJ49: Listening to Steve Lappas makes me wonder why he failed at Villanova? #Sarcasm

@Aaron_Torres: Considering I wouldnt want Steve Lappas announcing my rec league games, cant understand why CBS College let him call this BYU-SDSU game

@mhaubs: Jimmer = very impressive. Steve Lappas’ voice = giving me a headache

@CSNCoop: Jimmer has 20 at the half. Marriott Center deafening.. still not loud enough to drown out Steve Lappas’ annoying voice

Eventually more tweets flowed in, as people began to try and figure out who’s voice Lappas reminded them of:

@Riesenbeck23: @ESPNAndy_Katz Is it me, or does Steve Lappas sound like a cross of Rocky and Dickie V?

@Waskew: Is it just me, or does Steve Lappas sound an awful lot like Linda Richman from Coffee Talk?

@DoctorGC: Steve Lappas increasingly sounds like Lorraine Bracco in Goodfellas

And my personal favorite…

@BIAHtheTrizzle: Steve Lappas = 1-part Mort Goldman, 1-part Ric Flair


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