The highly anticipated SportsDome premiered last night on Comedy Central.  The Onion’s SportsCenter parody was met with decidedly mixed reviews on Twitter.  There were some positive Tweets in favor of the debut, but also many scathing (and funnier) reviews that destroyed the show, most notably coming from CNBC’s Darren Rovell.  After checking out the best of the Twitterverse, let us know what you thought of SportsDome by voting on the right side of the page, or in our shiny new comment system below.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

jordanradioshow SportsDome may be the funniest new show on TV. Didn’t know there was a sport called “Crystal Meth Hallucination” but now I’m a fan! #lol
zapp645 i’m kinda surprised at how much i enjoyed the onion sportsdome. really fantastic!
HostBryan The best part about Sportsdome is that they get the ESPN vibe perfect. From announcer presence to graphics to set design. Hysterical.
ChrisB_aka_BigD The Onion Sportsdome is freakin hilarious!
FlickAuVin I haven’t stopped laughing all night, @onion @sportsdome might be the best show ever

SportsDome isn’t even remotely funny. It’s actually too painful to watch and I’m and avid viewer of most all tv including Cougar Town…
Has sportsdome been cancelled yet? I made it thru 4 minutes.
I suspect ESPN was as bad as Onion SportsDome was for its 1st 7 minutes, but ESPN had the advantage of it being 1979
Onion sportsdome’s attempt at comedy makes stuart scott seem like chris rock #shocking
Glad I watched Onion SportsDome tonight so I can speak w/an educated opinion regarding how awful it is. Some things better left on paper.

It’s difficult to put into words just how much of a disaster Onion SportsDome is/was. Gigantic fail all the way around.

Just going to throw it out there – The Onion Sportsdome did nothing for me. #EpicMovieHadSmarterWriting
Manokijones I was hoping Onion Sportsdome would at least be funnier than Sportscenter
riversmccown Powerfully unfunny debut for Sportsdome. Who Would You Kill the lone bright spot. Additional points off for making me remember Paul Lo Duca.
Bobby_BigWheel My review of Onion Sportsdome: None of the Tostitos

In my opinion, there were some high points (superstar meth addict Rob Langer), but overall the Dome left me laughing little and wondering about the purpose and direction of the show.  There were too many bits that just weren’t funny (Pujols, Kevin Harvick, A-Rod’s musical?) and Who Would You Kill may have been too much considering the week’s events… although “First I’d chop Brook Lopez’s legs off with an axe so he doesn’t get above the fumes” was the funniest line of the show.  In the end, SportsDome has potential but it’s going to have to be more relevant and more consistent to find success.  If the Dome is going to be a show of ten different random spots and only three are somewhat funny, it’ll last about as long as a Brett Favre retirement.

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