Earlier today, Ryan gave our thoughts on the Good, Bad, and Ugly of ESPN’s NBA Draft coverage.  If you’d like some of my thoughts on ESPN’s NBA Draft coverage and the Draft as a whole, you can check out the NBA Draft awards dished out at Bloguin’s NBA blog, Crossover Chronicles.  Safe to say the good was scarce, the bad was plentiful, and the ugly was flowing in abundance.  The only one who had a worse night than ESPN was future lockout villain David Stern.  Most fans watching the draft coverage didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and some were even longing for the return of Chris Berman.  Even Jay Bilas knew he was in for a long evening, as he referenced his own internet drinking game at Pick #2.  What did you have to say about ESPN’s draft coverage on Twitter?  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

Stu Scott is now using random tweets as draft analysis. Not sure if that says more about how bad this draft is or how bad espn analysis is

and i hate espn’s draft coverage. its so bad. how is chad ford not on tv ahead of van gundy (who i love) and jon barry (who is awful)

 I know it’s easy to make fun of ESPN, but they have been really awful tonight in presenting this draft.

The ESPN interviewers talking with the NBA Draft selections/prospects are AWFUL.

ESPN draft coverage is downright awful, move it back to TNT

ESPN has had the worst draft coverage I’ve ever seen. Missed trades, multiple mis-reportings, terrible analysis. Trainwreck.  #nbadraft.

ESPN’s draft coverage is terrible. The trades are being announced an hour after everyone reads it on here.

The NBA draft is being run terrible by ESPN. All of the announcers seem like they’re lost

NBA Draft Night: when 37 ESPN analysts spew bullsh*t & talk out their asses for hours & hours w/ terrible guess-y player comparisons

This  broadcast team is brutal. No chemistry whatsoever, awkward silences and Jon Berry seems bored out of his skull.

#Stuart Scott

It’s getting tougher for Stuart Scott to name-drop Jordan. That joke fell so flat they couldn’t even muster a fake “anchorman” laugh.

Wow. That Stuart Scott “Chicago drafts Michael Jordan” attempted-joke was the most painful thing broadcast since the Hindenburg.

Wow, that last Stu Scott joke about drafting Jordan, even the crickets were looking at each other, asking WTF??

Stuart Scott is making more ridiculous mistakes during this NBA draft than the Los Angeles Clippers franchise. #iamappalled

*flips over to NBA Draft* Stuart Scott: “The Toronto Trailblazers are on the clock.” *changes channel*

I thought Chris Berman was the most annoying man alive. Then i watched the 2011  with Stuart Scott.

ESPN needs to lock Stuart Scott and Chris Berman in a closet when there are big events like the NFL & NBA draft. #craigjamesmightcrythough

#Jon Barry

 I hate picking on the guy….but has anyone served less of a purpose than Jon Barry served last night?

Has Jon Barry even talked in the last hour?

Jon Barry is literally sleeping on the set it seems. Thank God.

QUIZ TIME: The chemistry between Jon Barry and Jeff Van Gundy tonight has been ___________? (I’d go with uncomfortably surreal.)

Jon Barry has the excitement level of Joe Buck calling a game winning homerun

#Jeff Van Gundy

Lakers draft Chukwudiebare Maduabum at 56. Stu Scott asks Jeff Van Gundy what he thinks. JVG: “I’ve never heard of him.” Love honesty.

I’m pretty sure that Jeff Van Gundy is going to stab Jon Barry in the kidney later tonight….. #awkward

Jeff Van Gundy just got paid American dollars to say that the  “need talent.” I’m going to stab my urethra with a BBQ skewer. #NBADraft

Jeff Van Gundy doesn’t know how to pronounce Jonas Valanciunas. For future reference: Yonas Vol-un-chew-nas.
The Chemistry on ESPN’s  coverage is awful…Van Gundy has done no homework, knows nothing about the prospects. #NBAIsCraptastic

#Mark Jones

I am incredibly impressed that Mark Jones can so immediately identify the flags of the world.

Mark Jones: How are you like Chris Bosh? Jonas Valanciunas: I don’t know. Not so strong body.

These interviews for the NBA draft are hilarious. None of them really know english so far. Mark Jones doesn’t even know what to ask them.

Wait did mark jones just say leonards hands are meat cleavers??


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