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Yesterday, the Dallas Morning News reported what we had first heard a couple weeks ago, Craig James is going to run in the Republican Primary for the United States Senate seat in Texas being left vacant by Kay Bailey Hutchison.  This sent the Twitterverse into a liberating jubilee of snarky jokes and references to dead hookers.  Something tells me it’ll be more fun to cover Craig James political candidate (as evidenced by the screengrab above) than Craig James corrupt college football analyst.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

texashsfootball In regards to Craig James.. he wont win the Senate seat and he is off ESPN due to running for office.. so double win for everyone.
DanWetzel I worked w Craig James at Yahoo. Can’t think of a better group to “enjoy” that experience than Washington politicians
ClayTravisBGID I’d like to say no way that Texas elects Craig James, but somehow you’ve elected Rick Perry three times.
greggdoyelcbs The characters in the Senate would look at Craig James and say, “There goes the neighborhood.”
slmandel Robert Griffin thinks Craig James has no chance of winning Senate.
TamaraJoleeTV I’m actually voting for Craig James; I’d much rather him have a Senate Seat than ESPN Seat.
BourbonWarfare Time Magazine’s choice of “the protester” as person of the year might be the dumbest thing I’ve seen since Craig James’ Senate run.
Juddley Craig James has a great shot @ a Senate seat. He knows how to be in a group that can take a bribe & isn’t afraid to be publicly stupid.


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texasbirddog If Craig James is elected to anything, I will lock myself in a shed.
szsandlin Craig James running for the senate??? That could very well be the “death penalty” for TX political effectiveness in Washington.
seanpcoyle I weep for our country if Craig James is ever an elected official in any capacity #Rememberthe5
COUGFANcom If there was any doubt about Craig James being a delusional crackpot, his Senate announcement Tues surely seals the deal.
BePeeArr Who is going to tell Craig James that Congressmen don’t get diplomatic immunity that protect them from murdering five hookers charges.
DeepFriedSports If Craig James gets elected we are ALL going to have to shovel earth until Texas is severed from the rest of the country #howsmyhair
janorwood Told my 12 year old Craig James was running for senate. He burst out laughing. #goodpoliticalinstincts
GodsSport Sure, put Craig James in the Senate. He’ll be off the air, and it’s not like he can make Congress less effective. #firecraigjames

cdhacker1421 If Craig James wins that election, I will have lost all faith in America.
VictoryforSha Craig James, who “most recently gained attention for his peculiar college football voting in the AP ballot” … is running for Senate?
BenjaminJDawson The Craig James news makes up for almost everything bad that happened in college football this year.
css01 I want to move to Texas, just to vote against Craig James.
TheCBurns Craig James is running for Senate. Nail in the coffin, I am moving to Canada.
henchman21 I don’t know which is the worse option; Craig James in government, or Craig James remaining on ESPN. 
longhornderek If Craig James has any campaign stops in Lubbock, I really want to go. #txsen
notdanielhenry When asked in a debate to sum his campaign up into one word, Craig James would use: “corruption”
TimWatts_BOL If craig james gets a single vote in his run for senate I’m going to be disappointed in mankind as a whole.

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