Last night was the debut of NFL Network’s newest announcing team – Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock.  Given the embarrassing failures of the league’s own network to provide a coherent, insightful… hell, even an average broadcasting team for Thursday Night Football, expectations were high the new team could turn the page.  And even though I couldn’t watch the game (thanks Time Warner Cable!), it appears Nessler and Mayock delivered, which I kinda predicted in May.  #Humblebrag.  

Take a look at Real Tweets From Real People from one year and one day ago for the Millen/Theismann disaster and compare it to this year’s overwhelmingly positive version.  It’s amazing what two interesting, competent, entertaining announcers can do for a broadcast!

QF2G  @awfulannouncing @richeisen @SI_PeterKing nessler and mayock are a great announcing duo, pity they’re only around for Thursday games.
marcp13  @awfulannouncing holy crap, Mayock is solid!
matt_08  @awfulannouncing took them six years to get it right. better late than never.
reddiePhysical  @awfulannouncing Mayock is the finest color analyst we have in football today.
ConnorKiesel  @awfulannouncing non-awful announcing on TNF?!? Dare I say good announcing? This is a first.
skytalkertv  Brad Nessler >>>>>> Jim Nantz >>>>>>>> Mike Tirico >>>> Joe Buck @awfulannouncing
CaptTouchback  Mike Mayock is to Matt Millen as 2005 Carson Palmer is to 2011 Carson Palmer. #NotEvenClose (cc: @awfulannouncing)
ThisGivenSunday  If Mayock and Nessler keep saying intelligent things, @myoder84 will have to start a new blog. #AwfulNiceAnnouncing

AdamSchein  Mike Mayock is so damn good. And to think, last year we were suffering with millen and theisman. Great job NFLN.
patnash  very enjoyable broadcast so far I think. This kills the Bob Papa, Theisman, Millen connection….. #AnythingBeatsThat
Josh_D_Manning  I really love Mike Mayock as the new commentator analysis on Thursday Night Football. Way better than Matt Millen and Joe Theismann.
robertneely  NFL Network cutting loose Theismann and Millen in favor of Mayock is a huge leap forward #makingthursdaynightfootballwatchable
FauxJohnMadden  “I really miss Joe Theismann and Matt Millen on these Thursday Night Football games.” – Literally nobody
RealAdvanced  Brad Nessler/Mike Mayock, thank you NFL Network… felt sorry for Bob Papa bc he was decent, but Millen & Theismann= all-time horrible
RaidersBlog  Most enjoyable NFL broadcast I can remember. I haven’t rolled my eyes at the announcers once.

mepucin  Hearing Mayock, Nessler call game as if they were old buds immersed in NFL for years, great job NFL Network, Eager for next week.
Curtis_Crabtree  Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock killing it on this broadcast tonight. Really refreshing. Focus on the game in front of them and good insight.
TheMontyShow  Mayock and Nessler have been very good tonight…enjoying their call @nflnetwork
BlogAndTackle  After several years of trying to find the right combo, NFL Net has good one in Nessler-Mayock. Both are solid pros who mesh well.
EdogPoker  Thank you NFL network for Nessler and Mayock announcing team. I would rather watch dancing with the stars then listen to Bryant Gumbel.
RossTuckerNFL  Also like that Mayock calls Brad Nessler “Ness”. Pretty sure he just made that nickname up.
firejimcaldwell  Mayock & Nessler might be the best broadcast team I’ve heard on an NFL game in a long time. 

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