Ray Lewis decided to take a stab at doing play-by-play announcing during the last seconds of the Ravens comeback win against the Redskins. As you can hear, mostly Lewis showcased his very excellent grunting skills in increasing decibel levels as the Ravens moved the ball down the field. Here’s Lewis’ attempt at describing an 11 yard WR screen.

“Oh, WR screen. HAW! HAW! HO-HAW!”

Easily my favorite part of the bit was when Lewis described 6th round rookie from Va. Tech, Tyrod Taylor, as the human highlight reel. Sorry Dominique, that nickname now belongs to preseason hero Tyrod Taylor.

Just so you know, the last play was initially ruled down at the 1, robbing us of volume 2,000 grunts. The play was reviewed, and called a touchdown.  Sadly, I missed getting video of much of Lewis’ “tryout” because he spent much of the time sprinting away from Suzy Kolber anytime a Raven touched the ball. Things that were awesome that were missed…

A) Joe Flacco with a deathwish surprised Lewis by pouring a glass of water on his head at the beginning of the interview. Tirico excitedly exclaimed, “Was that Flacco?! NICE.” Lewis did not look amused.

B) A near punt return. Lewis’ description was something like, “OHHH OHHHHH OHHAHAHA AHHH OHH” followed by him sprinting away from Kolber.

C) After the win, Lewis went up to anyone wearing purple and excitedly yelled, “THAT’S FOOTBAWL! THAT’S FOOTBALLL! THAT’S FOOTBALL! THAT’S HOW YOU PLAY FREAKING FOOTBAWL”

It really just doesn’t get much more exciting than the 4th quarter of the third NFL preseason game.