We're a week away from the opening of Moneyball and despite positive chatter about the movie, some people are not so enthusiastic about the movie adaptation of the Michael Lewis's best selling book about the Oakland A's front office. However, you wouldn't think the A's television analyst, Ray Fosse, would be among some of the more begrudging skeptics. Clearly though when probed on the subject of Moneyball, Fosse awkwardly stumbles through this meandering reply in which he completely avoids talking about the film.

Eesh. Awkward pause, check. Lots of ummmmmms, check. Avoiding the question, check. Rambling on about other movies like The Sandlot and Field of Dreams, check.

We don't really know why Fosse seems to be allergic to discussing the movie, but we'd prefer if he didn't bite his tongue rather than awkwardly dancing around the question. Although Fosse's shtick is being totally aloof about all things pop culture including Twitter, music, television, and movies, you'd have to think this isn't the same old "I don't know what you're talking about" routine given the movie is based on the team he's covered for over two decades. 

I definitely want to hear his thoughts about the movie when he does see it, but that would require watching a sub .500 and out of contention team during football season. If only the A's figured out a way to compete despite their limited payroll.



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