I’m beginning to think Zany Small College Football Play of the Week should become a weekly AA feature.  After we saw the madness of this UVa-Wise punt return TD a couple weeks ago, we now visit Pacific University in Oregon.  In their D-III game against Lewis & Clark, Pacific blocked an extra point attempt.  Strangely, both teams (and play by play announcer Matt Richert) had no idea the ball was still alive.  As Richert is cutting to a commercial, Pacific starts running the ball down the sideline.  Pacific ended up losing the game 61-35, but at least they’ll always have this two point play to remember…

I love the linemen coming to the sideline then frantically turning around to find someone to block.  It’s a great call for a few reasons.  First, when you’re broadcasting D-III football, it’s difficult to pin down defensive players running with the ball (especially someone on the PAT team) depending on how good your vantage point may be.  Secondly, how ’bout that job segueing from commercial straight into picking up a return touchdown?  And finally, one of the best lines of the year from any announcer – “Everybody gave up on the play!  Including this announcer!”  You think Joe Buck is skillfully handling a play like that with as much accuracy and excitement?  Of course not!  

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