There are hundreds of things that can go wrong during a live broadcast but credit to the major sports outlets, we rarely see any of them. Today that was not the case as Doris Burke and the teleprompter square off in an awkward moment for the ages.


H/T to @sportspundits

Unfortunately for Burke though this viral clip is really not her fault as these segments are almost always taped and then played during the live broadcast. Lot of industry folks are coming to the defense of Burke as it’s extremely likely that the clip played was a bad take that inexplicably got played instead of the good take that was subsequently taped.

It’s a shame Burke will bear the brunt of a very rare production error. With this incident fresh on our minds, one wonders what protocol is for a mess-up of this magnitude. If I’m the man in charge I’d make the culprit handle NCAA softball duties for the rest of the spring in addition to a heartfelt apology.

I am sure she has thick skin though. Per her wikipedia page, she’s the youngest of 8 children so I’d imagine in the scheme of things this isn’t the worst thing. 

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