Here at AA, we’re usually focused on the age old clash of announcer vs. sophisticated sportsfan. What a treat it is when the announcers themselves actually butt heads. 

Apparently Phil Simms didn’t take too kindly to Desmond Howard’s remark, while discussing an SEC matchup, that Simms’ son Matt was one of the weaker quarterbacks in the conference, and wanted to get physical at the NFL Xperience in front of thousands of fans the day before the Super Bowl. Great idea, old man. 


I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’ve wanted the opportunity to punch Phil Simms in the face on more than one occasion. While none of the AA nation is likely to get that opportunity, I’d certainly take Desmond Howard striking a Heisman pose on Phil’s neck as a consolation. I’d even be inclined to pay for a ticket to watch this go down. So who you got?