NHL Ref Chris Rooney With The Voice Cracking, Ball Grabbing Call


Our friends over at ‘Ted Williams Head’ tipped us off on this video of NHL referee Chris Rooney’s voice getting squeaky during a call in tonight’s New York Islanders/Carolina Hurricanes game. He supplements it with a standard cup check.

Have a listen/look:

It’s not often we hear refs speak in NHL games. Sometimes a broadcast will pick up the mic when they announce a penalty or the rare goal review, but it definitely doesn’t happen often. (Maybe they’re heard a whole lot more than I think and I just don’t notice it like I would an NFL ref who is making an announcement every other play.) Either way, an unfortunate moment for the veteran referee. I assume he’ll do the Sandy Lyle throat clearing before he makes his next call.

Referee’s Voice Cracks, Grabs Crotch And Does A Michael Jackson Move [Ted Williams Head]